Why the Off-Season is a Great Time for Pool Designing

Swimming Area Behind HouseWas there something missing from your outdoor summer experience this year? Did you find yourself entertaining outdoors and wishing there was a swimming hangout spot for guests to enjoy? After returning from vacation, did you wonder why you couldn’t have a luxury pool in your own backyard?

Maybe it’s time you begin planning your design.

By starting the swimming pool plan now, you can be prepared with a budget and financing, necessary permits and approvals, and a final design so the construction process can begin when the weather allows in spring.

You’ll maximize the swimming and outdoor entertainment season—plus, add a splash of inspiration to winter as you engage in the design process with a professional. Ready to get started? Here are the steps you can take during the off-season so you won’t be left wanting when the summer season arrives.

Set a Budget

Fall is the perfect time to plan for home renovation and landscape enhancements because required permits can take time to obtain. You’re going to want to set a budget first. If a swimming pool is in the picture, talk to an experienced design and construction company about the cost and general fees so you can get a feel for the finances involved. No two projects are alike, so find out how extras like slides, spas and grottos can impact the overall cost.

Renovated Backyard With Seating and PoolA completely accurate estimate will not be possible until the overall design is complete, but you can get an idea of what the base cost might be and then add pool features as your budget allows.

>>Tip: Begin the planning process in the fall so you can set aside the funds you’ll need or secure financing to get the luxury pool you really want. Also, now is a great time to ask specific questions—and to find out about payment plans.

Select a Pro

Interview professional contractors and ask about certifications. You should select a design and build specialist that will connect you with an APSP Certified Building Professional. Certification is a sign of integrity, and also it shows that the professional is committed to education and training.

Ask to see completed projects, and request referrals.

Light Up Pool>>Tip: Look for professional pool installers that can handle everything from acquiring permits and arranging inspections to sourcing building materials.

A single-source provider will prevent you from acting as the general contractor. Coordinating different trades and making phone calls for inspections and permits is time-consuming. A professional designer and installer can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Focus on Pool Features

Swimming Pool With a WaterfallNow that you have a budget and a professional contractor company on board, consider how you will use the swimming spot—and who will use it. Will you host parties with children and families? Is the swimming spot for adults only? Do you plan to swim a lot, or does lounging with your feet in the water sound more appealing?

There is a wide range of fun features you can add to customize the experience. Those include waterfalls, grottos, infinity edges, slides and so on.

>>Tip: Spend time thinking about how you will use the swimming area so you can budget for the extras you’ll really use.

Finalize a Pool Design

Outdoor Landscape Design With PoolA landscape designer will incorporate your wants and needs into a plan that you’ll review. The design process involves discovery—learning exactly what you hope for in a luxury pool—and technical details, such as consulting with engineers. The final design will take into consideration your property’s topography and local regulations, too.

There is a lot of detail that goes into the whole design plan, aside from the “fun part” of including features that you desire like a grotto, waterfall, slide or diving board.

>>Tip: By doing the creative process in winter, you can spend the cold months working through a detailed plan and get the permits in order so the designer can hand off blueprints to a construction team once the weather breaks. Learn more by downloading our free Swimming Pool Design Guide.

Warm Up Your Winter by Planning Ahead of Time

A thought-out process takes time. If you start now by budgeting and vetting professionals, you can partner with an experienced contractor company that can prepare a swimming pool plan layout that will be ready to implement in spring.

Neave Group coordinates professionals including laborers, engineers, designer and construction team members. You’ll work with an account manager who acts as your consultant and guides you through the process seamlessly. Give us a call for more information—we’d love to talk to you about the possibilities for your New England property.

Call us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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