What to Consider When Adding a Luxury Spa to Your Pool

Adding a Luxury Spa to Your PoolWe’re spending more time at home these days and finding ways to enjoy it by building in some of the pleasures of travel and entertainment that we miss. Rather than reservations at a favorite restaurant, there’s dinner delivery and an evening on the patio. Instead of booking a resort vacation, we’re considering how to bring the amenities we appreciate on vacation into our own backyards.  

Because swimming pool permits have been issued amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Neave Group has been working with clients like you in Connecticut and New York to create outdoor living spaces that make staying at home a true luxury. And a feature that takes a pool from good to great is a spa. 

Let’s answer some common questions about including a spa in your pool design. 

Is Adding a Spa To Your Pool Worth It? 

Installing a Luxury Spa to Your PoolIn a word, yes. Adding a spa/hot tub to your pool area will enhance the overall look and offer another way to unwind in the water. While a spa adds to the cost of a pool project, it adds luxury appeal to your outdoor living space and can increase property value. According to Houselogic, a pool can potentially boost a home’s selling price by up to 7%. A spa sweetens the pot for those who enjoy warm water, jets and a dedicated area in the pool footprint to relax. 

If I Have a Pool, Do I Really Need a Spa?

Pools and spas serve different functions. Your pool is a recreational feature—a place for the family to swim and where children can play. You might use your pool for exercise. And, a pool’s reflective quality enhances the appearance of your outdoor living space and serves as a focal point. Even when you’re not in the pool, you can enjoy the tranquil sound and appearance of the water. 

Spas are therapeutic. A study in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences showed how relaxing in spa can alleviate inflammation and muscle pain. Key health benefits of a spa include reducing stress, minimizing arthritis, improving sleep and relieving muscle pain. Aside from the health benefits of spas, they’re simply enjoyable to relax in after a long day, and they can be a great place to gather. A hot tub in your outdoor living space can easily become the center of a party. 

Can I Add a Spa to an Existing Pool?

Considerations When Adding a Spa to Your PoolIf you already have a swimming pool and are considering a spa, there are a couple of options. If your pool does not need updating and you prefer not to renovate the structure, a free-standing spa can be designed and constructed to blend in with the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. You also might choose a free-standing spa if there is limited space around your pool. Another benefit of a separate spa is the ability to create more privacy. 

If you decide to incorporate a spa into your existing pool as an attached feature, this is a larger pool renovation project that will involve design, some demolition and rebuilding, and of course constructing the new spa. A pool professional can help you weigh the cost of this renovation vs. building a new pool with an integrated spa. Ideally, integrated pool-spas are designed and built from scratch. An experienced pool design-build firm like Neave Pools can work with you to determine the best solution. 

What Custom Spa Designs are Trending for Luxury Pools?

Considerations When Adding a Spa to Your PoolThere are a number of ways to integrate a spa into the pool design, and the waterfall effect and seamless look of a pool-spa combination is definitely appealing. Here are some ways Neave Pools designs luxury spas that add value to your pool. 

  • Spa shape, size and finish. A spa can be any shape or size, and differing the finish material (plaster, tile) can create an attractive contrast between the pool and spa. 
  • Elevated spas. An attached, raised spa is usually 12 to 18 inches higher than the pool surface and serves as a focal point, especially when finished with stonework. 
  • Overflow spas. Spas can be integrated into the pool by setting the walls lower than the water level for a waterfall effect. With a raised perimeter-overflow spa design, the water overflows on all sides and the spa looks like it is floating. With a deck-level perimeter-overflow spa, the spa is flush with the pool deck and water flow into a hidden catch basin so the surface looks like a mirror. 
  • Spa lighting. LED lighting adds drama to a spa space. There are color-changing lights that you can control by an app on your mobile device. 

Plan Your Spa with Neave Pools

From design to installation, Neave Pools creates a custom plan for your spa. Pool and spa permits are being issued now as we work safely through the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t put your plans on hold—let’s create an outdoor space with a relaxing spa that will make staying at home a true pleasure.

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