Top 3 Pool and Spa Winter Maintenance Tips

When outdoor entertaining shifts from summer nights lounging poolside to cozying up by a firepit in the fall, that doesn’t mean you can put a cover over and clean it up in the spring. Your swimming hangout spot requires maintenance throughout the winter so you can protect its interior from damage, prevent algae and bacteria growth, and stop snow from weighing down the cover. You should also hire a pool closing service during the winter for a routine checkup once a month.

Covering Pool in WinterAs for the spa, you can soak in the warm water on a cool night, but you’ll want to be sure the spa is maintained so you can provide a safe, healthy environment for guests. While swimming pool maintenance does slow down in winter, your spa should be serviced every 2 weeks from November to March.

To keep your luxury swimming pool in top shape during winter and make the most of your spa year-round, remember these three tips:

Monitor the Pool Cover

Snow buildup can weigh down a pool cover and cause it to stretch and tear. The extra weight adds stress to cables and anchors, which can trigger a break you’ll end up paying to fix. During a post-closing maintenance checkup, a professional will remove snow from the cover with a long brush—not a shovel, which could damage the material. Also, twigs, leaves and other debris should be cleaned from the cover with a leaf blower or brush. Leaving fall’s “leftovers” on a cover can attract critters and result in a real mess to deal with in the spring.

Check Water Levels

You don’t want your water level to drop too low during winter because it can lead to tiles loosening and falling off. This will void your tile warranty, so you’ll be on the hook for paying to repair or replace it. Also, when there isn’t enough water and snow builds up on the cover, the excess sagging can stretch and damage the material. The general recommendation is to drain just 3 to 6 inches of water during the winterization process. The water may need to be filled during winter if levels drop below what is ideal.

Service the Spa in Winter

If your spa is in use during winter, you’ll need to be sure it is cleaned and vacuumed to prevent debris buildup. Water tests should be conducted to ensure that chemicals are balanced—adjustments may be necessary to keep the water sanitized and healthy. A winter spa service visit also includes checking water levels and cleaning filters, along with inspecting equipment to be sure the spa is operating efficiently.

Winter Pool Care Makes Spring Startup a Breeze

Protect your swimming area with a winter service plan. You’ll be glad you cared for your investment during the off-season so you can start spring by planning a kickoff pool party rather than dealing with unexpected repairs. 

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