Rainbird Vbstdh A11408

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VB Series Valve BoxWhen a project requires quality valve boxes, look no further than Rain Bird’s VB Specification Series. Sure, the VB Series may be priced slightly more than a basic valve box, but they eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with a lesser quality product: lost or damaged lids, crushed valve boxes, or pest infestation, making the extra investment in the VB Series worth every penny!Rain Bird’s VB Specification Series valve boxes are loaded with industry leading features that build in strength and durability, prevent lawn equipment damage to the lids, and eliminate the possibility of dangerous pests from inhabiting the valve box.Primary ApplicationProtects in-ground irrigation valves. Functions as a durable, rigid enclosure that provides easy access to valves for maintenance. Used in turf applications to house single valves or other subsurface components of an irrigation system.Specifications Length: 21.8 inches (55,4 cm) Width: 16.6 inches (42,2 cm) Height: 12.0 inches (30,5 cm)The standard VBSTDH Valve Box can comfortably fit up to 5 valves.


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