Landscaping is an Essential Service—Here’s Why

landscaping in new york is essentialTo stay healthy and stop the spread of coronavirus, everyone has been working to do their part by social distancing. It’s not easy, and as the weeks wear on, we are aware of the benefit and cost of sheltering in place. Many businesses have closed down completely, while others have furloughed employees. Some are enabling employees to work remotely. Gradually, we’re bringing back services that are deemed essential, and landscape maintenance is one of them.

Landscaping is an essential service because there is value in maintaining our outdoor spaces. 

  • Landscaping improves safety on commercial and residential properties. 
  • Our services create professional, polished grounds for retail centers, HOAs and office parks. 
  • Landscape maintenance creates comfortable, healthy places so we can enjoy the outdoors while staying home.
  • It’s easy while in quarantine to lose sight of property maintenance. However, while many businesses are closed, taking care of your commercial property is critical in order to protect your brand

Social distancing and taking the CDC’s health precautions seriously is necessary for stopping the spread of COVID-19. Our team has been trained on these protocols and we want to share the importance of continuing landscape maintenance on your property. 

Safety First—Prevent Storm Damage

Overgrown tree limbs and branches that are diseased, dying or dead should be removed because they are a safety hazard—especially given the storms we’ve been experiencing. Overgrown trees and shrubs can damage property during a storm and pose a risk to those who use the property. Lessen the impact of spring and early summer storms by enlisting an industry-certified landscape crew that will prune, trim and remove potentially dangerous limbs. 

Stay Healthy—Reduce Pest Pressure

Ticks and mosquitos are a potential health threat, and they begin buzzing around the landscape now—just as we all want to move our social distancing to the outdoors. Commercial property owners should limit these pests for the safety of employees and visitors, and homeowners will want to minimize pest pressure so they can enjoy the great outdoors without concern. As we focus on staying healthy and building immunity, we could all use one less thing to worry about. We can help you control ticks and mosquitos so you can have peace of mind while being outside.

Get Out—Garden, Relax, Play 

Whether you’re managing an HOA or running your household, a garden is good medicine and now is an ideal time to start planning and planting. Plus, you can safely social distance while gardening and gain the benefits of fresh produce, exercise and reduced stress—all immunity boosters. Neave Group can create the garden infrastructure, help select plants, offer gardening tips, and even help maintain and harvest the garden. 

Plan Your Pool Project or Outdoor Entertainment  Space —Permits are Being Issued

Towns are still issuing building permits for projects including swimming pools and entertainment spaces. Now more than ever, we are rethinking the way we invest our resources and recognize that staying at home is not only critical during COVID-19, there’s a lifestyle shift occurring. Now is a great time to plan a pool project. You can share your vision during a discovery call, and one of our award-winning designers will visit your property to assess the grounds. We’re equipped to hold virtual meetings so you can pursue a dream pool project while sheltering at home. 

Delivering Landscape Maintenance Services Safely 

Unlike a lot of other contractors, Neave Group Landscape Management is a financially stable company that is continuing to actively perform maintenance services for new and existing clients. Our field teams are maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing and cleaning all trucks, tools and equipment regularly. Also, we have the tech tools in place to communicate with you by text, e-mail, video conferencing and phone to stay in touch about your property’s needs. 

How Can We Serve You? We Are All In This Together.

Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester, 203-212-4800 in Connecticut and 201-591-4570 in New Jersey. Or, fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you. 


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