The Only All-Pro Choice Since 1967


The contractor’s choice for more than 30 years, Irritrol® controllers are user-friendly and easy to program. Names such as Rain Dial®, Total Control®, MC-E and Rain Master® are synonymous with dependability and quality. And with our revolutionary PCW Control product, we continue to redefine ease of use in irrigation control.

Sensors & Remotes

For over a decade, Irritrol has led the industry with its wireless sensor and remote technology. Irritrol sensors and remotes are designed to save time on installation, save water through automatic controller adjustments and ultimately save money.


Installing valves is hard work. But luckily, Irritrol® valves are reliable and easy to maintain. Our valves have been the industry standard for more than 40 years. We were the first to bring PVC, jar-top, and glass-filled nylon valves to irrigation. And we continue to lead the way with dependable products that make you more productive.


With taller pop-up heights and automatic arc return, Irritrol® rotors stand tall in the yard and in the industry. Add to that, easy installation and adjustment features and you can see why durable Irritrol rotors are rapidly becoming the contractor’s choice.

Spray Heads & Nozzles

Quite simply—our spray heads pop up, do their job, then disappear. Just like they’re supposed to. And they do it year after year, season after season. Durable construction makes Irritrol® spray heads extremely reliable. And their design makes them easy to install and use.