Best Features For a Family-Freindly Pool

Your backyard living room and the features you build into your swimming pool can make outdoor fun a splash for children of all ages—and we’re talking about the grown-up ones, too! Pools are built-in recreation zones, and by adding jets, slides, bubblers and more, you can create a playful swimming paradise. Not to mention, with today’s pool lighting and automation technology, some of the fun features kids love like light shows and waterfalls can be modified into effects the parents will enjoy with the tap of an app.

Right-Sized Family Pool Features

Every family is looking for something a little bit different for their pool. Households with younger children are more concerned about depth and safe entry than families with kids who are older, stronger swimmers. How your family uses the pool also plays a role in the features you’ll want to include. While recreation is a given, are we talking about water basketball and cannonballs, or floating on rafts and splashing around in shallow water?

Because your pool is an investment you’ll enjoy for the long-term, the planning that goes into a pool and spa design will consider your family today—and in the future. While your kids might not be old enough to use a diving board today, what about in a few years? (You’ll want a “deep end” if adding a diving board is on your radar.)

Don’t Sacrifice Luxury

A family-friendly design can (and should!) be a luxury pool that makes spending time outdoors with family a memorable experience. There are ways to incorporate slides, waterfalls, and jets into a pool so these features are aesthetically pleasing and a hit with the kids.

An experienced pool and spa designer will guide you through the many family-friendly pool features you can choose and help you select the ones that will bring the most enjoyment, fun, and safety.

Here are eight family-friendly features to include in your luxury swimming pool design. We promise you, the kids aren’t the only ones who will love these extras.

Luxury Pool

Water Slides

Water slides come in a range of shapes and heights. You’ve got tall, sloped slides that careen into a pool or spiral slides that add some twist and turn to the experience. Slides can be built into natural rock grottos for a natural appeal—or sleek slide features offer a modern look. As with any pool design process, features should blend with the outdoor living space, landscaping, and architecture of the home. Just because the feature is “for kids” doesn’t mean it should stick out like an obnoxious playset. The idea is to blend family, fun and outdoor paradise into a seamless space that everyone can enjoy.

Pool Water Slide


The peaceful sound of falling water is a big reason why some property owners decide to include a waterfall in their pool design. They love the look and sound of water. Gazing at the serene surface, listening to the pitter-patter and calming natural soundtrack of a waterfall makes the backyard a true getaway. For kids, the lure of a waterfall is usually different: Falling water is an opportunity to duck underneath the spray and jump through the cascade of wet fun! So, everyone wins with waterfalls, and the way this feature is incorporated into your luxury pool design caters to the property owner who wants a dramatic effect and the one who would rather enjoy a subtle waterfall. For example, grottos can incorporate waterfalls and lend an organic appeal.

Pool Waterfall


Grottos are a way to work in a waterfall or water slide, and children will also enjoy the idea of swimming in a cave. A smaller pool can be built within a grotto if you desire a shallow swimming spot for the younger set.

Pool Grotto

Water Jets

Kids love chasing streams of water, jumping through the spray and playing under arches of water that spout from the pool deck and arc into the pool. Laminar jets can be placed to create whimsical effects, and these jets can also be fitted with colored light filters you can control. Children will love the excitement of playing in ribbons of water—and adults appreciate the tranquil sound that water jets bring to the outdoor living environment. After-hours, these water jets create a stunning water show that’s fun to watch from a comfortable chaise.

Pool Water Jets

Diving Board

Cannonball! Diving boards are a must for some families, while others are happy to forgo this feature and select a single-depth pool instead. You’ll want a deep end with your diving board, so depth must be accounted for during the pool design process. Pool size is also an issue: You’ll need enough space for recreational play in a shallower area and a deep end for the diving board.

Pool Diving Board

Cabanas and Shade Structures

Provide a place for young guests and your children to get out of the sun and relax after all the pool play. Cabanas and shade structures can be simple, attractive structures that offer storage and a changing room. Or, you can take it a step further and create a space that can double as a guest house.

Cabanas and Shade Structures

Outdoor Kitchen

Make your outdoor living space a turn-key area for entertaining adults and the younger set with a well-equipped bar, barbecue, and cooking space, along with a pizza oven the kids will enjoy. With designated food preparation and dining spots, you can truly bring the culinary amenities you appreciate in your home’s kitchen to the pool/outdoor living room.

Outdoor Kitchen By The Pool

Family-Friendly Pool Features with Luxury Appeal

You can have it all—a pool with family-friendly features like a water slide and playful water jets, and a sophisticated outdoor living environment where you can relax, entertain and enjoy your free time. The key is thoughtful planning and a professional pool design that accommodates your lifestyle and family.

A turn-key pool and landscape design/build/maintenance professional can help you plan the best luxury, family-friendly pool to suit your Hudson Valley, West Chester, NY or Connecticut property. Call us any time or fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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